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Click the image above to see the video of the First World Cultural Forum (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Once you click on the image and are redirected to YouTube, to be able to see clearly the video of the First World Cultural Forum, please click on the settings (wheel) on the right side at the bottom of the YouTube screen and put the video on HD mode.

65.3 Million People Displaced Worldwide
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has announced that a new world record was broken in 2015, with 65.3 million people forced to leave their homes or countries (...)
Blog of Hervé Fuyet
FRA//BRICS is my slogan!
( in English and in French) The FRA//BRICS solution A few hours after the BREXIT victory, my reaction for France is :"Let’s get out of UE, that imperialist jail for the (...)
The Pacific zone must not become a battleground
Lately, the pressure exerted by the US on China is relatively high, and it focuses on two fronts. First, the field of international trade: recently, the US company XpressWest (...)
Blog of Cynthia McKennon
Andre Vltchek reflecting on the Cuban Revolution: “Why I Am...
I just wanted to share with you some of Andre Vltchek refreshing and stimulating thoughts!
Blog of Cynthia McKennon
The primaries are over, time to debate !...
I fully support the following collective text! Cynthia

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