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Poor Getting Poorer in France
Although the poverty rate fell slightly in 2012, the depth of poverty is intensifying in the context of a general fall in the standard of living in (...)
No Present for Leonard Peltier’s 70th Birthday
The American Indian Movement activist has been languishing in an American prison for nearly 40 years. His Paris backers are organizing a reception on September 11 to collect (...)
No Cost-of-Living Adjustment for Small Pensions
There will be no cost-of-living adjustment for pensions below 1200 euros a month on Oct. 1, even though the government had announced that they would not be impacted by the (...)
Editorial by Maurice Ulrich. Funds allocated to local bodies shall be reduced to the tune of 3.7 billion. As regards social security, savings worth many billions have already (...)
Bosses’ Proposals: A “Provocation” For Trade Unions
No more holidays, and below-minimum-wage salaries, according to a working document of the MEDEF, the main bosses’ association, that has been published. The French trade unions (...)

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