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5,300 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean last week
On Tuesday 25th August, Frontex, the authority responsible for overseeing the external borders of the Schengen area, made an announcement: around 5,300 migrants, largely from (...)
Gaza: NGOs launch an appeal to lift the blockade
On Wednesday 26th August, thirty-five NGOs appealed to world leaders from numerous states to “put pressure on Israel to lift the Gaza blockade” which, as it stands, presents a (...)
The violent repression of refugees at our Eastern European borders
Hungary has erected a vast fence and is mobilising troops to keep out refugees, not stinting on forceful methods. European leaders have responded to this humanitarian crisis (...)
An “invasion” of migrants? I disagree.
I disagree because what we are witnessing is as far from an “invasion” as conceivably possible. We see instead fragments of desperation, human journeys made as a choice of last (...)
Éric Woerth invents a “religious immigration”
When invited by the program Questions d’info on LCP on June 17, the general delegate in charge of The Republicans project confirmed Nicolas Sarkozy’s party’s anti-Islam stance. (...)

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