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Boris Nemtsov shot dead in the centre of Moscow
The Russian opposition politician was killed after being shot four times in the middle of the street on Friday night. The attack has been condemned by President Putin who (...)
The richest 1% possess more than the remaining 99% of the world population.
The latest report by the NGO Oxfam warns of the growth in the concentration of wealth, hence inequality, at a world level. The organisation wants to challenge the principal (...)
Banks (still) profiting from famine.
Two years after the first report, the NGO Oxfam France reveal that financial institutions continue to speculate on agricultural commodities.
Orange Pays Out Dividends to Shareholders in Excess of Profits
The telecommunications corporation said it had “reached all of its 2014 objectives” when it presented its balance for the year.
Major Oil Companies Announce Job Cuts and Reduced Investment to Win Back Profit Margins and Pay Out Dividends
In a period of crisis, Total has its priorities.

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