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Etienne Balibar: “A period of intense debate on Marxist philosophy”
The philosopher Etienne Balibar reflects on Louis Althusser, who with the publication of For Marx was one of the main participants in the conceptual and intellectual debate (...)
Public Services: Customs Officials on Strike against Austerity
“Without customs, who will protect you?” A thousand customs officials demonstrated in Paris on March 24 in response to an inter-trade union call by the CFDT, CGT, F.O., (...)
Front National: One hand in the pocket of Europe
The European Parliament suspects that Marine le Pen’s party is using the EU budget to finance its activities on a national level.
“There will be a before and after Carlton trial”
In their pleadings, the civil parties, yesterday, saluted a trial which was a “work of public welfare”. Several, however, decided to abandon their suits against (...)
NATO: Thousands of U.S. Soldiers on Russian Border
The cease-fire signed in Minsk a month ago has been respected fairly well. NATO is conducting maneuvers in the Baltic countries and in the Black (...)

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