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French Bosses’ Association Renews Vote of Confidence
Pierre Gattaz and his friends close ranks behind Hollande and Valls. They’re demanding a “coherent” government … that adopts the policy that they (...)
Gaza: Tragic Outcome of Operation “Protective Edge”
The war in Gaza which began on July 8 has been the most violent and destructive in the past few years. It has already killed over 2,000 people and it will take months to even (...)
Autopsy of Michael Brown Enflames Ferguson Anew
The autopsy, done at the request of Michael Brown’s family, shows that the young man was shot six times, including twice in the head. At this news, and to prevent renewed (...)
“Relaunch the Counter-Offensive After the Holidays”
The activists of the French Communist Party are seizing the initiative all summer long to prepare the ground for the counter-attack in September. Selling the Fête de l’Humanité (...)
Calais: The migrants’ life of indignity
"For these exiled people, who are fleeing misery and wars, the hope of crossing the sea will always be the strongest." On 2nd September, France’s Interior Minister Bernard (...)

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