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Slavery: Its memory liberates the future
The ACTe Memorial opened yesterday in Guadeloupe. Far from putting an end to debates, this exhibition and research center is intended to promote them. Pointe-à-Pitre (...)
“A ferocious dictatorship, one that crushes lives and prospects, is being installed in Burundi”
David Gakunzi, an essayist originally from Burundi and now president of Paris Global Forum, explains the reasons for the uprising in Burundi against President Pierre (...)
Traders rake in millions
277 French bankers earn more than a million Euros. About 277 employees of various French banks earn more than 1 million Euros annually. This was reported by the financial (...)
A lot of empty talk is killing the climate
The appeals come thick and fast and they all sound the same. After François Hollande called for an ’ambitious, equitable and universal’ deal in Manila in February in view of the (...)
The Far Right: Blocking the Easy Flow of Rehabilitation
Anne Hidalgo will tomorrow pay tribute to Brahim Bouarram, killed twenty years ago by skinheads on the outskirts of a National Front march. An “act of commemoration” to recall (...)

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