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In favour of the Kobane resistance-fighters
While the situation is evolving by the hour, it would seem that it may be possible to avoid the worst-case scenario: a repetition of Warsaw, crushed by the Nazis, under the (...)
Blog of Hervé Fuyet
Distasteful comparison with Warsaw events of 1st August 1944
A comment on Étienne Balibar’s article"In Favour of the Kobane Resistance Fighters"
Unemployment Worsens Again
Unemployment figures are rising again, a few days before the middle of François Hollande’s presidency. The government’s jobs policy is a failure, despite Manuel Valls’ talk (...)
Hamburg: Red Dragon’s European Port
Located at the eastern edge of continental Europe’s northwestern seacoast (North European Range), the port of Hamburg has recently become the second-biggest commercial point of (...)
Britons in Streets Against Austerity Policies
Tens of thousands of people demonstrated in the streets of London on Oct. 18 to protest against shrinking wages, which have fallen by 50 pounds (63 euros) a week since 2008, (...)

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