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International Communist and Labor Press
Second World Cultural Forum (China 2017) // 第二届世界文化论坛 (中国2017年)
Morocco: Killed for a few bags of rice
Will the village of Sidi Boulaalam be for Morocco what Sidi Bouzid, the catalyst of the Arab Spring, was for Tunisia, following the immolation in 2010 of a young fruit and (...)
19th Congress of the CPC Xi Jinping wants to strengthen ties between party and society
Delegates to the congress will elect the new leadership team of the Chinese Communist Party. More than 2,200 delegates from the Chinese Communist Party meet today in Beijing (...)
How the face of the Middle East Changed - A century after the Balfour Declaration
100 years ago to the day, in the middle of the First World War, the British definitively opted for the establishment of a "national home for the Jewish people". In giving (...)
International Communist and Labor Press
Trump humbled in China as Beijing visit underlines the new world order in Asia
All of the other countries on the tour are either treaty allies, namely Japan, South Korea and the Philippines, or a new strategic partner, namely Vietnam. The visit, which (...)

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