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Hamburg: Red Dragon’s European Port
Located at the eastern edge of continental Europe’s northwestern seacoast (North European Range), the port of Hamburg has recently become the second-biggest commercial point of (...)
Britons in Streets Against Austerity Policies
Tens of thousands of people demonstrated in the streets of London on Oct. 18 to protest against shrinking wages, which have fallen by 50 pounds (63 euros) a week since 2008, (...)
Germany: After Paralyzing Railroads, Strike Takes to Skies!
Lufthansa pilots extended their strike to long-haul flights on Oct. 20. It’s the eighth strike in the year. Train drivers struck for 50 hours over Oct. (...)
"Let’s innovate, don’t be afraid of failure"
"Like everyone else, I’m trying to see this crisis as an opportunity to reinvent myself." This comes from young people. They have grown up in the context of the crisis. And (...)
"Tell your children there was no room for hope before.”
This Sunday, Brazil holds crucial general and presidential elections. After the mobilizations of 2013, the left is taking stock of Dilma Rousseff’s (...)

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