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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: L’Humanité est vitale pour comprendre le monde

by Raymond Aubrac, Former French Resistance Fighter

L’Humanité is Vitally Important in Understanding the World

Translated Thursday 19 February 2009, by Marjorie Cremont-Targar

20001, the odyssey. What will tomorrow hold?
L’Humanité is vitally important in understanding the world

I see a lot of young people who are mobilized by the problems of our modern world and who try to advance the causes of antiracism, tolerance and solidarity with poor countries.

It is important to show them that more than sixty years ago, youngsters their age faced with very serious problems, did not hesitate to take risks as they were optimists and believed that they could influence the outcome of events. L’Humanité was at that time one of the most important tools of the underground resistance movement and inspired a lot of its members to carry out its ideas. During the following decades, it continued to be the newspaper that supported the anti-colonial fighters, for whom l’Humanité took enormous risks.

I know that this paper is facing difficulties today, as is most of the written press, but its existence is vital to help the young people of today, as it did for former generations, to understand the world in which they live, the forces that exist, the emergence of the financial crisis and globalization, which frightens people here, but which is seen by other countries as an opportunity to relieve their abject poverty.

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