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by Maurice Ulrich


Translated Friday 20 May 2011, by Henry Crapo and reviewed by Derek Hanson

But what has happened during these past 48 hours in order for the American judicial system to become this "infernal machine" of which the journalist for TF1 spoke on Monday night, from Washington?

A machine to humiliate, where it is up to the accused to prove his innocence, turning a presumed innocent over for a media roasting, a machine for incarceration in the most ignoble of prisons, prisons overpopulated, where he would be exposed to violence, to assassins, rapists, members of savage gangs, and even to the violence of the guards, whose clubs are faster than their shadows [1]

What happened? Or was it always like that, and we didn’t know? We thought, naive as we were, that those television series, of which our air-waves are full, and which portray that universe, reflect the reality? With those eloquent lawyers, the judges attentive to the rights of the accused, the popular juries composed of citizens above suspicion. We had begun to believe that American justice was exemplary, to the degree that a Frenchman would be treated there as we would expect, but like anyone else.

The hell, that’s for the other people.

[1a cryptic reference to the comic book character, "Lucky Luke", who was "quicker at the draw" than his own shadow.

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