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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Grèce : Syriza contre-attaque aux critiques de Daniel Cohn-Bendit

by S.G. (with Fabien Perrier)

Greece: Syriza Responds to Daniel Cohn-Bendit’s Criticism

Translated Tuesday 29 May 2012, by Gene Zbikowski and reviewed by Isabelle Métral

l’Humanité.fr exclusive. In a letter we are publishing on Friday, May 25, Syriza deputy Rena Dourou answers, in Syriza’s name, the repeated attacks made by Green Party eurodeputy Daniel Cohn-Bendit.

Syriza has decided not to let Daniel Cohn-Bendit’s [1] criticism of it go unanswered any longer. On May 25, the Greek eurodeputy Rena Dourou destroyed Cohn-Bendit’s arguments, in which he lumps together the proposals of Syriza, the radical left party, and those of Golden Dawn, the Greek neo-Nazi party and denigrates the proposals of the movement led by Alexis Tsipras (It’s a lying program. It’s completely idiotic. It’s madness.”).


“In the course of your press conference together with the representative of the Greek Green Party, Mr. Chrysogelos, you, an icon of the May 1968 rebellion, have chosen to target the left, Syriza, and not the socialists or the conservatives who, nevertheless, are responsible for our country’s bankruptcy today! For electioneering reasons, that is to say, in order to reject a coalition of the Greens with the left, you have chosen to turn against Syriza by ridiculing and deforming its program and its proposals,” Rena Dourou writes.

Cohn-Bendit has played into the hands of the two governing parties for 38 years.

Dourou disproves Daniel Cohn-Bendit’s claim that Syriza’s platform or manifesto proposes “a minimum wage of 1300 euros a month.” She then condemns the “little respect for the Greek people and its democratic institutions” shown by Cohn-Bendit, who predicts a worst-case scenario if Syriza should win the legislative elections on June 17: "The people, to whom it will have made unkept promises, will come out in the streets, with the risk of social chaos and recourse to the military. There are precedents in Greece!”

Finally, she condemns Daniel Cohn-Bendit’s repeated attacks on Syriza, which are repeated “in a loop by all the media, especially those that back the two parties that have alternated in power for the past 38 years. These are the same media that have not whispered a word about your positions on the cost of military armaments for Greece’s public finances … A very revealing detail which should have alerted you…”

[1Daniel Cohn-Bendit (born 1945) is a Franco-German politician, active in both countries. He was a student leader during the unrest of May 1968 in France, when he was known as “Danny the Red.” (adapted from Wikipedia).

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