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Comment and Opinion

ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: http://www.humanite.fr/syrie/mardi-...

We should support progressive forces in Syria!

Translated Thursday 20 December 2012, by Pierre Kulemann and reviewed by Hervé Fuyet

We should support progressive forces in Syria!

Here is what the Syrian CP wants :

" The Central Committee deemed that the primary duty of the communists, as all patriots, lies in the defense of national independence for Syria and in the defense of the unity of the national territory, in the face of Arab reactionary Zionist imperialist conspiracies and confront to the criminal acts of the enemies of the homeland, the executors of the will of the colonizer."


(In French : http://lepcf.fr/promouvoir-et-de-renforcer-toutes )

We would like to know why L’Humanité and the French CP are doing precisely the opposite!

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