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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Marx, Lénine et un peu Médiapart sont de grands journalistes

by Pierre Kulemann

Marx, Lenin and, why not, somehow, Médiapart, are great investigative journalists!

Translated Saturday 13 April 2013, by Chrysanthie Therapontos

This letter by Pierre Kulemann is posted in a comment to the article Journalism is not just investigation at the site.

Curiously, Laurent Etre, in the newspaper l’Humanité, cunningly attacks Médiapart, a group that perpetuates the Marxist and Leninist tradition of investigative journalism!

According to Laurent Etre, following the revelation by Mediapart of the Cahuzac affair, "Edwy Plenel is immodestly jubilant" ... "Plenel goes too far ... when he thinks he can denounce the complicity of politicians and media." According to Laurent Etre ... "this is clearly skidding out of control!" Nonetheless, Médiapart simply, modestly, perpetuates the great tradition of investigative journalism inherited by Marx, Engels, Lenin and even Jean Jaurès!

The real question is rather why our newspaper l’Humanité is more than timid in this matter?

In the case of DSK (Dominique Strauss-Khan, or Cahuzac, member of the inner circle of DSK), like the Carabinieri of the popular song, the indignation of Patrick Le Hyaric and of Patrice Cohen-Seat show up after the battle! [1]

This is not anecdotal! If we want to regain the trust and respect of the people, we must sweep first our own doorstep! It seems to me that it is the duty of activists to put pressure on the PCF leadership and on L’Humanité management to change the line if they feel they are able to do it, or else they should go away.

What kind of political courage is to devote a double full page of l’ Humanité to support the Pussy Riots in Moscow and only a few lines to Nafissatou Diallo, to support... DSK and claim, against all probability, that DSK should benefit from a total presumption of innocence.

Personally, I prefer investigative journalism in the Marxist tradition than cronyistic and opportunistic journalism! We should keep that in mind while maintaining our confidence in many talented journalists still writing in l’Humanité. But these courageous journalists do not have an easy life and they are under pressure of their opportunistic bureaucracy!

Let’s get involved so that l’Humanité will become l’Humanité again and the PCF will become the PCF again!

[1In a version of this letter published on another site, Pierre Kulemann adds: "These two, PLH and PCS, are eleventh-hour indignants, very cautious when it comes to hurting the ’inner circle’."

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