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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: L’UE distingue Israël des colonies

by Gaël De Santis

EU distinguishes Israel from colonies

Translated Monday 22 July 2013, by Harry Cross

An EU document defining the frontiers of Israel has enraged Benjamin Netanyahou

The new EU directive was adopted on June 28th. According to Maja Kocijancic, EU spokesperson for foreign affairs, it states that all agreements between Israel and the EU “must state without ambiguity […] that they do not apply to territories occupied by Israel in 1967”. This will affect EU financing to the region and has angered the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahou. “We will not accept any outside diktat about our borders” he announced on Tuesday after the Israeli newspaper Haaretz published the new European guidelines. According to the head of government this development “leads Israel to lose faith in Europe’s neutrality” with regard to negotiations between Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

“It should not come as a surprise that the EU supports international law in Middle East peace efforts,” responded Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt.

More than 500,000 Israeli settlers have moved into occupied territory. The Israeli organisation Peace Now revealed on Tuesday that an Israeli military commission was to speak Wednesday regarding the construction of approximately 1,000 further new properties in its colonies.

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