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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Respecter les peuples

by Patrick Le Hyaric

Respect the People

Translated Friday 20 February 2015, by Kody Bootsman

By Patrick Le Hyaric, director of l’Humanité. Wherever we turn, we see the deployment of a policy of force and power against the lives of people and their civic expression.

In the European Union, presented as an area of solidarity and peace, those who confuse the European project and the perpetuation of capitalism are bent on denying, circumventing, violating the majority vote of the Greeks.

The power of money is driving the European Central Bank to asphyxiate the country.
The President of the European Commission in Brussels confirmed, solemnly, that there can be no democratic choices against the European treaties. What he doesn’t say is that such treaties are imposed by force on populations that, like in those in France, the Netherlands and Ireland, have rejected them. Invoking these treaties today to challenge the sovereignty of Greece clearly proves that the EU has been assigned the function of counteracting the aspirations for change across the continent. These edicts are in danger of sparking the collapse of Europe, the adverse effects of which cannot be predicted. They say more than we assume about the war that global capitalism has declared against the people, their rights, their states and democracy itself. In a world where the possibility of war is becoming more and more likely, European leaders are becoming irresponsible and dangerous. It is urgent that a peace process replace the muted gunfire between Ukraine and Russia. All diplomatic and political initiatives are, and will be, welcome in place of war-ready hotheads in the United States, Ukraine and Russia.
Past wars in the Middle East, combined with the oppression and exploitation of these countries like those in Africa, give rise to new clashes with the destabilization and destruction of entire nations abandoned to barbaric and fascist groups that have no respect for human life. These monsters took advantage of the termination of progressive movements initiated by the North American leadership. They are setting humanity back centuries, as they kill any notion of, or project for, emancipation for a multitude of women and children. The slow destruction of Palestine by the State of Israel that is being allowed to happen, almost without protest, is bound to give rise again to injustice and humiliation, and to fuel resentment and hate.

Developing countries are being forced deeper into poverty with the recent financial manipulation, the pressure to lower the prices, of raw materials in recent months, while the International Monetary Fund bailiffs steal their meager savings daily. And if the European Central Bank’s strike against Greece is confirmed, both China and Russia will be affected due to their significant reserve currency holdings in European denominations.

All the more reason to ensure that the arrogance of the ECB, the German Chancellor, and Mr. Juncker gives way to respecting the Greek people’s will. The French government would have a new role to play in assuring that priority is given to the voice of the citizens which, today more than ever, objects to the European austerity measures. Unfortunately, apart from grotesquely repeating the "spirit of January 11," like a magic password, the President of France and the government aren’t learning anything from the tremendous rallying of citizens united in protest of the crimes committed against “Charlie Hebdo”, Jewish citizens and the police, or the insults and violence occurring against Muslims. A voluntary civil service project is not a policy, when education is in decline, when the only options to youth are dropping out, insecurity or unemployment. Neither can permanently summoning the danger of right-wing extremists, though very real, be a program, much less hoping for their retreat.
The spirit of the Republic calls for early childhood, youth and their access to the humanities and to work to be made an important national and European cause. This is obviously incompatible with austerity measures, the social regression that the Macron law will induce, or the cultural regression induced by credit reductions for creation and education. Democracy cannot exist where equal rights do not exist, and citizens are considered subjects and do not have the power to take control of their own destiny.
Just the opposite of the diktats of supranational bodies such as the ECB, the Brussels Commission and the European Court of Justice, who claim to serve the interests of all Europeans, while they serve only those of the powerful. Rebuild Europe, truly live the ideals and values of a social, secular, ecological Republic, lead a new international effort to globalize cooperation, justice and peace, these are the profoundly modern ambitions that are being called into implementation in France and Europe, by the extensive gatherings.

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