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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Le peuple est le seul souverain

by L’Humanité

The people are the sole sovereign

Translated Friday 3 April 2015, by Adrian Jordan

By André Bellon, president of the Association for a Constituent Assembly of Troika, Central Bank and European Commission...

The totalitarian attitude of the Central European Bank towards Greece, presents at least, we may say, one advantage: it dispels the official rhetoric of colossal hypocrisies that the authorities have inflicted upon the people for years. The rhetoric on monetary stability and the fight against inflation now reveals its real political significance: there is no longer any doubt that a European Democracy is in the process of construction nor that the election of Jean-Claude Juncker as head of the Commission constitutes a step in the process of the legitimisation of the institutions of Brussels. It is now openly admitted that power belongs, in law and in fact, to the financial sector and that any one contravening the rules decreed by it will be severely reprimanded. The directors of this monstrous European edifice no longer hide behind the hollow words of democracy or of respect for human rights. Juncker bluntly summarised: “there can be no democratic choice against the European treaties”. No choice is left but simply to respect the treaties, which were adopted by twisting the arms of the people, whom they no longer bother to consult and pretend to guide for their own good, their eyes riveted on ratings agencies’ reports. Blatant contempt for democracy is openly demonstrated by the violation of referenda results in 2005 in France and the Netherlands. The shameful adoption of the Lisbon Treaty was a coup d’etat benefiting from virtually explicit support of the main political powers. The treaties that followed (the Fiscal Compact with its famous “Golden Rule”...) received the same support from parliaments, which consider themselves more responsible to the institutions of Brussels than to the people who elected them.

It is in the name of these treaties that these antisocial and antidemocratic policies have been and continue to be constructed in France as in other countries of southern Europe. And it is a self-proclaimed Troika, which, at gunpoint, made governments sign so-called “rescue plans” more favourable to the banks than to the populations. Certainly, the dominant political powers , left and right, correctly act against the risk of the extreme right by calling for the support of citizens. But it is precisely their policies and their complete autocratic arrogance that caused the rise of the extreme right. Two totalitarianisms affront the people, offering them nothing but dire options. It is therefore past time to rediscover the emancipating breath of democracy and return to the fundamental principle that no power is legitimate if it does not have the accord and support of the sole sovereign, the people, in Greece and France alike. Their choice to continue on the wrong path shows the ruling classes and their supporters are irresponsible, and incites violence. Political reform is the only way to avoid extremism and to reconstruct the national interest. This is the firm belief of the Constituent Assembly which gives meaning to reconstruction of the people and of their sovereignty.

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