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Björn Aust: “!n Germany, we must challenge the myth about the debt “

Translated Friday 19 June 2015, by Adrian Jordan

“The opinion of Die Linke is presently rather opposed to that of the German people regarding the debt problem, as a result of a typically German economic culture. In this country, monetary union always led political union. Whether this be under Bismark or in 1948, when Berlin created the Deutsche Mark even before the birth of the Federal German Republic. There is also a sort of national myth about strong currency and the need to pay debts. These are popularly held values and the German Chancellor and finance minister exploit them to the limit. To counter the campaigns of the bourgeois media, which dominate the issue and have been amplified by Syriza coming to power in Greece, we open the debate asking the question: Who profits from these politics? Where is the real wealth going? We also note that there is no more public investment. A new argument which is growing in strength in German society. And with reason, it comes from grassroots German society: unions, municipalities, civic associations and local politicians.

Björn Aust, Die Linke (Germany)

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