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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: « Jaurès se lit, se médite. Jaurès s’enseigne »

by Mina Kaci

“Jaurès is enthralling, meditative. Jaurès teaches”

Translated Saturday 5 September 2015, by Adrian Jordan

Patrick Le Hyaric, director of l’Humanité, paid homage to the founder of our newspaper on Friday, the anniversary of his death, 31 July 1914. His thoughts always remain relevant.

Is it surprising that the current director of l’Humanité should pay homage to the newspaper’s founder on the 101st anniversary of his death? Patrick Le Hyaric paid tribute to the memory of Jean Jaurès on Friday, the anniversary of his assassination on 31 July 1914, while sitting in the Croissant cafe in Paris, in the midst of the editorial team who were finalising the daily newspaper. “Jaurès is enthralling, meditative, Jaurès teaches”, notes Patrick Le Hyaric. On the occasion, he wanted to restore full meaning to memories of Jaurès, “the inspiration for the social and secular Republic”, beyond the simple remembrance of a great statesman, to show how his contribution can still help transform the modern world. “Jaurès”, he said, “teaches us to be courageous when he stood up for captain Dreyfus”. Showing firm solidarity against any thoughts of “classifying men and women according to origin, belief or the colour of their skin”, so believing in, “the need to support the fight against racism wherever it manifests itself”.

A voice that resounds – now and forever

The current fights for secularism, world peace or even against capitalism are, for the director of l’Humanité, illuminated by Jaurès’ thoughts. These are “continually dynamic and still challenge us today”, he elucidates. They are the inspiration for the MEP describing events suffered by the Greek people: “victims of an ideological offensive and unprecedented politics, against their democratic and social choices, against their will to find life, honour and dignity after a decade of humiliation, privation and sufferance”, he underlines, denouncing the diktat of European Union leaders. So yes, Jaurès resounds, now and forever, for those who desire to change the world. Thus, the director of the newspaper calls for movements contesting austerity to meet with the aim of finding a path to a different world. He proposes, for example, “for united action across borders, to establish a European conference for the restructuration of debts”.

Philosopher, politician, journalist, Jean Jaurès remains alive at the heart of the newspaper he created in 1904. Heritage of France, l’Humanité follows his path, despite the “difficulties Jaurès, himself, already had to cope with in his time”, recalls Patrick Le Hyaric. “He knew that his newspaper, through his ambition, his identity and his independence, would slowly take off”. “Yes”, he continued, “l’Humanité is a daily fight”, which carries a “unique” view of the news.

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