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C.G.T. Air France: Six Arrests, Over 8,000 Jobs Threatened!

Translated Friday 16 October 2015, by Gene Zbikowski

It has to hurt. A lot.

It has to be hammered home in the minds of the workers that, henceforth, in France they are forbidden to react, be it so much as an uncontrollable, uncontrolled gut reaction to the threat and the violence of losing their jobs. In-depth work is being done on making lay-off plans commonplace and on civil society organizations, with trade unions being targeted particularly.

Six of our colleagues, Air France employees, have just been taken in for questioning this morning, at dawn. They will appear on the front page of the newspapers as veritable public enemies. They want to sacrifice them, on the orders of the French Prime Minister, who is making the repression of activists and trade unions his new hobby horse.

These maneuvers will not distract us from our main goal: No lay-offs at Air France! At his instigation, the so-called “left” government has definitively forgotten the unemployment curve and is even going so far as to boost it by validating the 2,900 job cuts and the over 5,000 job cuts that will follow if we let them get away with it.

If these incidents had not occurred, who would speak of the situation in French air transport, at our airline which is flying by the seat of its pants? If these incidents hadn’t occurred, who would speak of these thousands of jobs being destroyed?

A veritable chain of solidarity has been forged around our struggle against layoffs and for saving jobs, because what we are suffering at Air France is unfortunately everyday life for thousands of employees: smashing the means of work, repression, discrimination, using the threat of shedding jobs to blackmail the employees…

Moreover, the all-trades day of action on October 8 proved this; many statements and demonstrations of fraternal sympathy have reached us. The shirt has become the symbol of this struggle.

The struggle – which has been conducted over several weeks, through inter-trade union committees, at the supposed institutions of labor dialog, and even during meetings with the authorities, and in particularly on the ground with the employees – is now visible for all to see. Our struggle has to be metamorphosed into a national symbol that will finally make it possible to create a veritable alternative to the austerity policy and for the reinforcement of the air transport public service.

A recent study mentioned on the lepoint.fr website explains the scientific work of the “International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health” and informs us that joblessness kills 14,000 French people a year, amid general indifference. What does the government think of this? And yet, recent events at France Telecom should alert us. In any case, we refuse to be turned into “Air France Telecom”!


BIG SUPPORT RALLY TODAY [October 12, 2015]

AT 4 p.m. at FRET Roissy

12 rue du Tarteret TREMBLAY-EN-FRANCE

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