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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Air France: les cinq salariés mis à pied, sans solde

by anonymous

Air France: Five Employees Suspended Without Pay

Translated Saturday 17 October 2015, by Gene Zbikowski

The five Air France employees charged with acts of violence on the fringes of the central works council (CCE) meeting on October 5 have been suspended without pay as of October 15.

The five men who are to be tried on December 2 for aggravated violence received a letter on October 14 informing them of their suspension, a trade union source told the Agence France Presse. Suspension is a temporary measure that allows an employer to sideline an employee in the run-up to a sanction up to and including dismissal. The C.G.T. union at Air France says that “after having criminalized the suffering of the workers, management is driving home the nail by going after the employees’ incomes and jobs.” “This is unacceptable and does not favor the renewal of peaceful labor dialogue,” the C.G.T. added while repeating its demand for “retraction of the charges and the sanctions.”

This unilateral decision by Air France management goes against the demands made by the inter-trade union committee for the renewal of dialogue.

“Because the conditions of the arrest of these employees, who are presumed to be innocent, appears to be closer to those used to question potential terrorists than to those for employees in a state of despair - employees who are also victims of the social violence in which they have been plunged - our trade union organizations are demanding the abandon of the charges and disciplinary procedures against all of the employees.”

These employees, aged 35 to 48, were brought before the Bobigny court on October 13 after having been held for about thirty hours. They had been arrested on October 12, some of them at their homes at dawn. According to the court, fourteen complaints were filed following the acts of violence: nine by security guards and five by company executives.

The five employees will be tried on December 2 before the Bobigny criminal court for “collective acts of violence resulting in temporary incapacity to work of no more than a week,” a crime punished by up to three years in prison and a 45,000-euro fine…

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