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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Baisse du salaire net moyen en France en 2013

by anonymous

Average Net Salary Fell in France in 2013

Translated Thursday 22 October 2015, by Gene Zbikowski

The average net salary fell by 0.3% between 2012 and 2013 if inflation is taken into account, according to an INSEE study published on Sept. 16. This is the second consecutive year that purchasing power has fallen.

In France in 2013, full-time private sector and public company workers averaged 2,912 euros a month gross and 2,202 euros net. That is, a 1.3% increase in the average gross salary and a 0.6% increase in the average net salary, compared to 2012, “in a context of a worsening labor market, which is continuing,” the INSEE emphasized. But this very slight increase amounts to a 0.3% fall in purchasing power when the increase in consumer prices (up 0.9%) is factored in.

In addition, net salaries rose less than gross salaries, mainly due to the abrogation of the mechanism exonerating social security contributions on overtime work as from September 1, 2012, which affected blue-collar workers particularly, the INSEE indicated.

Inflation was higher in 2012: up 2%, which led to a second consecutive year of falling purchasing power. “In constant euros, the average net salary fell by 0.3% in 2013, which is practically the same as the fall in 2012 (down 0.4%) the National Institute for Statistics emphasized.

The median net salary (where half of the population earns more than that amount, and half earn less) amounted to 1,772 euros a month, that is, down 0.1% when inflation is taken into account. The wage gap between women and men working full time narrowed slightly, but women still earn 19% less than men on average. When job sector, age, socio-professional category and terms of employment (full time vs. part time) are held constant, the gap is somewhat narrower and stands at 10%.

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