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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Au FN, le droit du sang à coups de poing

by Olivier Morin

For the Front National, asserting your birth-rights is done with the fists

Translated Monday 21 November 2016, by Anne Sanders

After a rally by the far-right against the arrival of refugees, activists from the Front National, the French National Front, threaten the head of the Young Communists in the département of Cher.

On Saturday in Bourges, in Cher, several dozen extreme right-wing activists called in by the Front National took over the streets of the town in order to vent their hatred of the refugees. Abderrahmane Aqlibous, the secretary of the Cher section of the MJCF, the Young Communist Movement of France, attended a counter-demonstration with other young progressive activists. The members of the far-right rally, carrying Front National banners whose slogan “100% FN, 0% migrants” left no room for misunderstanding, began to insult their opponents and attacked some of them. Their aggression led to their dispersal by the police, and seven thugs then followed the Communist secretary down the street calling him a “dirty Commie, filthy fag”!

Abderrahmane explains: ”One of them grabbed my back-pack pulling me back, and shouting: “Hey! I’m talking to you!” Before I could turn around they hit me on the back of the head and then right in the face.” Using their fists and a flagstaff they beat him until he bled. He had to take three days off work because of his injuries.

“It is time to say stop, and to bring to account those who are behind this situation. It is time to put an end to the leniency of the legal system, and to end gang rule in the so-called ‘no-go’ areas,” declared the director of the Front National Youth of Cher, when recently condemning the “riots in the banlieue”. Will we hear the same strong statement condemning the violence of which his political allies were guilty at the anti-migrant rally, organised by the very same National Front? Given the advanced state of schizophrenia exhibited by the far-right activists who use certain criminal acts to keep this violence under wraps, if not to commit more of it themselves, this seems highly unlikely.

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