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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Syrie : « Trump alimente l’escalade militaire »

by Communique of the French Communist Party, published 7 April

Syria: "Trump feeds military escalation"...

Translated Sunday 16 April 2017, by Hervé Fuyet

Syria: "Trump feeds military escalation"

North American bombing on Syria, last night [1], launched outside of the international legal framework, and as a result of a sharp reversal of the position of US President, Donald Trump can open a dramatic new phase of internationalization of the Syrian conflict.
In doing so, Trump feeds the military escalation and the logic of retaliation while the Syrian people have the most pressing need that the war end now.

The military action of the United States will politically strengthen Bachar Al Assad, galvanize the jihadist groups that exploit the disastrous impact of foreign intervention in the Middle East, delaying real opportunities for political conflict resolution that could pave the way for a democratic transition.

The suffering endured by the victims of chemical weapons, as well as, in 6 years, the 321,000 dead, 145,000 missing and nearly 11 million displaced and refugees, require from leaders of countries involved in the conflict, strong political and diplomatic initiatives - under the aegis of UN - silencing the weapons and opening peace negotiations. Those responsible for the use of chemical weapons of mass destruction should, in this context, face Justice.

The North American unilateral military initiative sets a precedent with the worst possible consequences. Denial of the multilateral framework such as the United Nations to resolve the Syrian conflict is fraught with dangers for the world and is a real regression.

The French Communist Party expresses its deep disapproval of the US bombings just as it strongly condemned the use of chemical weapons and the continuing war in Syria.

The PCF urges French President François Hollande to act to convene an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to halt the military escalation and to organize the effective implementation of the plan adopted by the same council in December 2015. Negotiations must take precedence over the weapons.

The French Communist Party is supporting initiatives to stop fighting and bombing, and for a negotiated solution in Syria.

[17 April, 2017

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