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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Chine : Rencontre Internationale

China: International Meeting on Marxism

Translated Monday 28 May 2018, by Hervé Fuyet

This May, China celebrates the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx birth through a series of events.

In Beijing, the National Museum has inaugurated an exhibition retracing the history and the development of Marxism in China.

Nanjing University presented to the public original manuscripts of Marx. The Capital and the Manifesto of the Communist Party were reprinted.

Raoul Peck’s film, "The Young Karl Marx", is being shown.

"To constantly promote the sinization and modernization of Marxism is totally relevant", said Chinese President Xi Jinping in conclusion of a week of symposia and seminars held in the People’s Assembly on the theme "Marx was right", demonstrating that "the philosopher’s theories remain applicable in modern China".

It is in Shenzhen, an experimental area in Guangdong province,
where the first economic reforms were launched in 1980,
that an international meeting on "Marxism of the 21st Century" will be held on 28 May
bringing together, at the initiative of the International Department of the
Chinese Communist Party, the representatives of some one hundred and fifty
leftist parties and organizations.

A program of initiatives and meetings is proposed from May 25 to June 3.

Olivier Dartigolles, spokesman of the French Communist Party (PCF) will participate in these various events.

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