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The Ballot to be Presented to the Party Members

Translated Thursday 21 December 2006, by Henry Crapo

The National Council of the French Communist Party reaffirms its will to persevere in the construction of an anti-liberal assembly that will permit the French people a majority vote for an anti-liberal alternative on the Left. This is urgent. The campaign should already be at full force at the beginning of the month of January. At present, despite the most popular choice of the local collectives in favor of Marie-George Buffet, the organizations and political currents participating in the assembly have been unable to reach agreement on the choice of a candidate for the presidential election. The National Council has taken cognizance of this fact. To the question posed, to the local collectives and as well to the organizations and political currents, to know how to overcome these difficulties, it reiterates the propositions made be Marie-George Buffet for a collective campaign carried forward with many voices, for which she will set aside temporarily her duties as National Secretary of the party. The National Council asks the communists to state their choice between the following two possibilities:

(1) I choose the proposition of the National Council, for the candidature of Marie-George Buffet, the choice most shared by the local collectives, to carry the banner of the anti-liberal assembly in the presidential election.

(2) I choose the withdrawal of the candidacy of Marie-George Buffet, in the search for an other common candidate for the anti-liberal assembly in the presidential election.

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