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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: De telles pratiques vont-elles enfin cesser ?

by Jean-Paul Piérot - Article paru Le 25 avril 2008

Will such methods never end ?

Translated Wednesday 30 April 2008, by Edward Lamb


We have procured this directive, dated as of 28th February 2008, from the administrative offices of the Hauts-de-Seine, which details the procedure to be followed in order to ensnare illegal immigrants or, rather, « to properly conduct these interrogations ». At the pre-reception window, « the foreigner leaves his passport with the agent. The foreigner is asked to take a seat in the waiting room. The agent informs the head of the Deportation Division. The head of the Deportation Division instructs the DDSP (direction départementale de la sécurité publique) [1] and informs the head the reception section. The interrogation takes place in a closed cubicle. »

In the case of a « foreigner » coming to an interview to ask for the regularisation of his situation, without first having been cleared by the pre-reception window, « in order to distinguish among the foreigners present, those who are subject to being interrogated, the regularisation agent consults the AGEDREF files [2] before beginning the examination of the immigrant’s situation. If that consultation reveals positive, the agent informs the head of the Deportation Division who organizes his arrest in liaison with the DDSP and the head of the reception section.

The directive’s conclusion is worth pointing out. A note full of innuendo that suggests to agents who might hesitate to take advantage of the credulity of simple people. « I remind you », writes the chief of operations, whose name we will not be so cruel as to quote, « that the expulsion of foreigners in irregular situations is a priority mission of our services : we have, in that domain, an obligation to produce results. I therefore ask of you to comply with particular zeal to the instructions contained in the present directive »

Those men and women, those « foreigners » as they say, believe themselves in safety within the walls of an institution that represents the French Republic, where the subtle bloodhounds of the office of « national identity » have chosen to capture them using cunning tactics. So, when will we finally bring an end to these vile police methods which remind us of the darkest periods of recent French history ?

[1French equivalent of the Department of Homeland Security.

[2official computerized lists of French resident permits

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