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The FN caricatures and lies

Translated Wednesday 30 April 2008, by Edward Lamb

A few dozen Front National activists, among which many of its own leaders, were gathered, early Friday evening, in front of the headquarters of the Trade Union of the Hotel Industry (UIMH) , in Paris, « in opposion to delinquent employers who demand massive regularization of clandestine workers ». Abject slogans : « Toilet paper for those without (identity) papers ». Calumnious posters : « Slavery : The CGT (General Confederation of Labour = worker’s union) and the MEDEF (Movement for Entrepreneurs of France = employer’s union) are allies ». And a phantasmagorical speech by Marine Le Pen (an FN leader) : « They (clandestine workers) survive because schools, medical care and rent are all free for them. But those things are not free : that all comes out of the pockets of the French. » If it were not so serious, that insignificant event might be qualified as only a "detail". [1]

[1Please see the precedent article : "Le Pen still repeating his repugnant claim that extermination was a ’detail’ ... ", translated by Patrick Bolland, (http://www.humanite.fr/Le-Pen-a-nouveau-detail-les-chambres-a-gaz)

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