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Albert Camus on Hiroshima. War journal of 8 August 1945
By Albert Camus. The world is what it is, that does not say much. We all know this as of yesterday, thanks to the formidable chorus that radio, newspapers and news agencies (...)
NATO The North Atlantic alliance wants to double the size of its rapid reaction force
This week, The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) will approve a doubling in size of its rapid reaction force, Jens Stoltenberg, general secretary of the alliance, (...)
Greece. Solidarity on the march on the continent
In response to an appeal from the Hellenic social movement, a week of solidarity with Greece has been organised by European progressive movements. A march will take place in (...)
The IMF goes against its liberal doctrine
The more the rich augment their wealth, the less growth takes place. This time it is the economists of the International Monetary Fund who prove it, in a study published on (...)
Migration: four immediate measures that the EU could take
In the face of the deadly catastrophe in the Mediterranean, NGOs and left-wing parliamentarians defend solutions for welcoming refugees. This is in total opposition to the (...)

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