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G20 Summit Haunted by Fear of Democracy
Confronted with the exacerbation of the crisis, the world’s most powerful countries who met in Cannes last week-end were utterly nonplussed by the Greek decision to propose a (...)
Nietzsche as the " European Buddha "
Will the Western theorist of « übermensch » [2] succeed in inspiring a return to the wisdom of Zen without staging an iconoclastic, anachronistic encounter; an innovating essay (...)
Passionate Neoliberal Chosen by European Parliament Coalition
STRASBOURG . Jerzy Buzek elected President of the European Parliament by an alliance of Conservatives, Socialists and Greens. Eva-Britt Svennson, of the GUE, receives a third (...)
Berlin Suspends its Ratification of the Lisbon Treaty
Germany. The Constitutional Court objects to failures of democracy in the European text, in particular, with respect to transport and national (...)
Mr Hyde in Brussels
Nicolas Sarkozy took us for a ride in front of the International Labour Organization: the pretence of a European stimulus programme to overcome the crisis is (...)

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