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The "Modified" Treaty Recycles the Constitution Rejected in 2005
The draft treaty, an inextricable tangle designed to discourage any debate, takes no account of the reasons that led the citizens, two years ago, to vote (...)
A Race to the Finish — Against Democracy
They want to finish the job in complete secrecy. The European leaders construct their project behind closed doors, to be ready for mid-October. It recycles the text rejected (...)
The US Army in Europe
The United States European Command (EUCOM) is the commanding structure of the US army in Europe, although its zone of influence also includes Turkey, almost the whole of (...)
Palestine: "One Doesn’t Hear Europe’s Voice Any More"
Interview. The Belgian Euro-MP Véronique de Keyser is angry with the powerlessness of the European Union when it could be a major actor in the Middle-East. She is calling for (...)
Strasbourg 2007: Three Dreams That Could Become Reality
Had the French, followed by the Dutch, not thrown such a big spanner into the works, the European Constitutional Treaty would have entered into force on 1st November. This was (...)

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