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They campaigned for the "Non". One year later, what do they think?
Two questions posed to ten personalities who led the debate on the referendum in 2005. 1. In what way was the victory of the "Non" useful? 2. What’s in the future, for (...)
Can we go Beyond Capitalism ?
The debates in l’Humanité: What are we fighting against and what are we fighting for ?
"Extraordinary Rendition": Amnesty International Confirms US-European Complicity
Amnesty Internation denounces the CIA’s "secret flights" over Europe, transfering suspected terrorists to countries that are known to torture political (...)
Bolkestein: 50,000 Demand Withdrawal of Proposal
Strasbourg. The Euro-demonstration organised by the European Trades Union Confederation (ETUC) attracted twice the numbers predicted. The text before the European parliament (...)
Bolkestein Directive: Extensive Manoeuvres
Liberalisation of services: cosmetic changes to proposal

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