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The European Right on an Anti-Communist Crusade
To obtain an unequivocal condemnation of communism per se by the institution which inspires European legislation on human rights - this is the wild idea of a handful of (...)
Lorraine Steelmakers cornered between a shark and a crocodile
Metz (Moselle), by special correspondent Fusion, effusion, confusion: ever since the announcement by Mittal Steel, Friday 27 January, of the launch of a public offer of a (...)
European countries aided CIA’s subcontracting of torture
Law: The enquiry conducted by Swiss senator Dick Marty for the Council of Europe is bringing tolight the “traffic” of “allegedly terrorist” prisoners to “accommodating” (...)
Euro-MPs Join Call to Resuscitate Constitution
The European Parliament yesterday adopted a resolution advocating the entry into force of the European Constitution from 2009, despite the French and Dutch (...)
Europe: liberal offensive shakes but holds
The rejection of the Constitution in France and the Netherlands put a brake on the fervour of those who wish to see a Europe given over wholly to competition. But for how (...)

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