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Denis Durand: Break the hold money exerts on the economy to put it to use in social schemes
Denis Durand, economist and member of the PCF’s economic committee, proposes intermediate measures to reorient current government policy.
Great Britain: “I can help you build a progressive majority"
In an open letter addressed to Jeremy Corbyn – the left wing candidate who is in the running to be leader of the Labour party – the UK leader of the Greens proposed an electoral (...)
The future of Greece (and Europe) is not written in stone!
The terrible setback suffered by Greece poses a vital question: “how to change the balance of power in Europe and reorient its construction with a view to (...)
The Greek Spectre
Editorial of Patrick Apel-Muller. The Festival of Humanity will be the platform for those who will not resign themselves to leaving Europe in the hands of (...)
“Jaurès is enthralling, meditative. Jaurès teaches”
Patrick Le Hyaric, director of l’Humanité, paid homage to the founder of our newspaper on Friday, the anniversary of his death, 31 July 1914. His thoughts always remain (...)

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