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According to Slavoj Zizek, capitalism "mercilessly destroys the authentic aura of nobility, the sacred, and honour". A PECULIAR REREADING OF THE 1848 MANIFESTO Monday, (...)
André Tosel, Philosopher
“A crucial combat in a world that has reinvented hell”
Nietzsche as the " European Buddha "
Will the Western theorist of « übermensch » [2] succeed in inspiring a return to the wisdom of Zen without staging an iconoclastic, anachronistic encounter; an innovating essay (...)
Twenty Thousand Common Places Under the Genes
Long is the list of all the economic, social, political realities which ‘can’t go on any longer,’ which should not go any longer. We shall not forget to add to this list all the (...)
For France’s Right-Wing Candidate, “Paedophiles are born, not made”
It went by practically unnoticed, but an interview with Nicolas Sarkozy, the French right-wing presidential candidate, casts a light on his elitist ideology. He attributes (...)

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