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European Union

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Economists Call for Concrete Solidarity
The measures taken under the domination of the financial markets are leading humanity towards a cataclysm. European economists are calling for a radical change of (...)
With the risk of Brexit comes a new European agreement that is harsh for the ordinary worker, but lenient on City workers
On Friday 22nd February, European leaders finalised an agreement aimed at persuading the UK to remain in the EU, a goal for which David Cameron has promised to campaign « with (...)
European Union Takes Ukraine and Leaves Ukrainians on Doorstep
Their last meeting two years ago stirred up a hornet’s nest in Ukraine. The Eastern partnership between the EU and six East European countries is back on the negotiating table (...)
Front National: One hand in the pocket of Europe
The European Parliament suspects that Marine le Pen’s party is using the EU budget to finance its activities on a national level.
Respect the People
By Patrick Le Hyaric, director of l’Humanité. Wherever we turn, we see the deployment of a policy of force and power against the lives of people and their civic expression. In (...)

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