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ANTI-CHINESE RACISM ON THE STAND Monday, June 18, 2018 Mehdi Fikri Two young men appear in Bobigny for the attack on Chaolin Zhang in 2016. His death had provoked strong (...)
Budget. Michel Sapin wants to make security rhyme with austerity
“The security pact outweighs the stability pact.” François Hollande let slip this comment when speaking at the Congress of Versailles
CGT Air France. All the violence dooms them.
A recurrent theme. While management has just announced a disastrous new plan for employment - nearly 3,000 jobs will be eliminated at first - everyone will remember the (...)
Justice: how the Macron law grants out impunity to bosses
One the one hand, the socialist powers try to stop unions or journalists from putting their noses in the affairs of employers; on the other, they intend to lighten heavy (...)
No Terrorists, But Lunatics
A tragedy took place in Nantes on Monday, December 22nd, similar to the one in Dijon when a man drove his van through the crowd. Experts diagnose a bout of mimetic delirium in (...)

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