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The Tiananmen Legacy
The Tiananmen Legacy Twenty-five years after the Tienanmen revolt, democratic aspirations are still strong and social tensions rampant. Lina Sankari Measured by the scale (...)
Internet and the difficulty of cross-referencing reliable media sources
By Hervé Fuyet, journalist Internet and checking sources With the internet, journalists’ sources have multiplied, but checking the reliability of information sources is often (...)
Internet et le difficile croisement de sources médiatiques fiables
J’ai hésité à mettre cet article en français sur notre site de l’Huma in English! Puis, je me suis dit que cela favoriserait peut-être un échange plus large avec nos confrères (...)
Counsel Zhang’s Lifelong Struggle For Justice...
Les Confessions de Maître Zhang: l’avocat de la bande des quatre et des dissidents chinois (The Confessions of Master Zhang, Defense Counsel for the “gang of four “and the (...)
The Nature of Contemporary Chinese Society and "Changing Social Classes"
By Wen Tiejun, Dean of the School of Agriculture and Rural Development at the Renmin University of China Chinese society is currently undergoing profound structural changes, (...)

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