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Forty years ago, three friends founded a group that would change the face of Caribbean culture and create a new musical genre, the only one invented in France since the (...)
Class Struggle in Martinique in an Historical Context
Born in 1925, the author of a "History of Martinique" in three volumes, as well as numerous works about the French Carribean, the Martinican historian Armand Nicolas gives us (...)
Chains Deep in the Mind
Peoples that have been knocked about have no memory. Or rather what memory they have obstinately refuses to fall into clear, obvious periods that could be handed down through (...)
Such touching, tender praise for “essential social dialogue” between “social partners” and sung with such emotion by the State and MEDEF. It’s enough to move one to tears. Such (...)
Delegation of the French Communist Party (PCF)
The PCF has dispatched a delegation to the French West Indies, composed of Pierre Laurent, national coordinator of the Party, Jean-Louis Lemoing, member of the National (...)

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