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LAW ENFORCEMENT. FROM THE "BARBOUZES" TO BENALLA, THE STORY OF THE PALACE COPS Thursday, August 2, 2018 Audrey Loussouarn In reorganizing the security of the Elysée, (...)
“The Police Force Has Become an Instrument for the Promotion of Those in Power”
A former police superintendent, now councillor for civil security on Toulouse’s municipal team, Jean-Pierre Havrin analyses and attacks the president’s safety policy in a book (...)
Police violence in La Réunion
REPRESSION: A group of armed and balaclava-clad police officers looking for a communist activist caused panic in a working class district of Saint-Louis on Wednesday. La (...)
Brice Hortefeux has ideas regarding repeat offenders.
The legal system. The French minister of the interior wants to double the time sex offenders can be held in police custody. One week after the arrest of Manuel da Cruz, a (...)
Tarnac Rejects the Terrorist Scenario
SNCF [6] Two weeks after the arrest, in the Corrèze, of nine young people suspected of having sabotaged overhead electric power lines for high-speed trains (TGV [7]), parents (...)

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