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Economists Call for Concrete Solidarity
The measures taken under the domination of the financial markets are leading humanity towards a cataclysm. European economists are calling for a radical change of (...)
Huge demonstration in Berlin against the EU-US trade deal
A huge demonstration, which gathered together 250,000 people according to police, took place in Berlin on Saturday, to protest against the proposed free trade agreement (...)
Georges Katrougalos: “We do not have the right to fail in our reforms”
Tipped to be reappointed to his position as employment minister today or tomorrow, Georges Katrougalos outlines the main priorities for the new Tsipras (...)
The capitalist reality is worse than its caricature...
The capitalist system has the objective of optimising results. In the current form, that means always creating more financial capital – capital alone, and not improving the (...)
Athens’ lesson
Editorial by Jean-Paul Piérot. "The Greek people have still not finished giving Europe a lesson on mature politics."

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