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Global capitalism

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Venezuela: coup d’État scenario too perfect
National Assembly president aims to usurp executive power with backing from U.S and South America’s right-wing Governments.
Tax Evasion Costs France Between 40 and 60 Billion Euros Per Year
Countries engaging in tax competition to attract multinationals cost France between 40 and 60 billion euros per year, according to a parliamentary report calling for a fight (...)
Global Climate : Private Companies Launched On the Green Track
Ikea, Barclays Bank, McDo sitting round the table last Tuesday next to the nations’ representatives: summoning the heads of state summit on climate Ban Ki-moon had laid the (...)
Against This Authoritarian Euro-Liberal Regime What We Need Is a Complete ReFoundation Of Our Republic
We are now in a deadlock. The vast majority of our fellow citizens demand a deep change while the majority of their political “representatives” are apparently dead set on (...)
Geoffrey Geuens: « Financial Markets Are Not Faceless. Their Face Is That of the Oligarchy »
L’Humanité interviews the author of la Finance imaginaire, anatomie du capitalisme: des “marchés financiers” à l’oligarchie, Arden publishers (Fantasizing about Finance - an Anatomy (...)

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