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ANTI-CHINESE RACISM ON THE STAND Monday, June 18, 2018 Mehdi Fikri Two young men appear in Bobigny for the attack on Chaolin Zhang in 2016. His death had provoked strong (...)
Thirty Years Later, A New Call "Against Racism and For Equal Rights"
On December 3rd, 1983, 100,000 demonstrators gathered in Paris, the end of a long march that had started in Marseille on the 15th of October. This march for equal rights and (...)
Angela Davis: the iconic "Sweet Black Angel" at l’Humanité
Symbol of the struggles of black Americans, tomorrow Angela Davis will be our editor in chief for a day. Here’s a look back at the work of this remarkable activist who is still (...)
A Black Couple Faces Racism In Mississippi
The televised election of Barack Obama in the United States has not visibly changed anything in terms of racial equality in Crystal Springs, Mississippi (southern United (...)
"Jew or Not Jew" : a total failure for Apple’s audit process
The app for iPhone and iPad is astonishing to say the least; for just 79 cents, one can have a supposedly exhaustive list of all the famous Jewish people in the (...)

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