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How Erdoğan is playing the Palestinian card
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has established himself as the leader of the arabo-muslim world. On May 14th last year, when sixty Palestinians were killed by Israelis, (...)
"Stop Erdogan!"
Sylvie Jan is president of the France-Kurdistan Association. During the latest edition of our Fête de l’Humanité the France-Kurdistan Association launched a national campaign (...)
The United States in Total Support of the Turkish Offensive
Ankara attacks not so much Daesh, but Kurdish forces. Clashes are multiplying between the Turkish army and Syrian Democratic Forces. Forty civilians were killed in Turkish (...)
Erdogan vs Gülen: From Religious Idyll To “Treason“
Erdogan accuses the Gülen Brotherhood, but then goes all-out to repress democrats, Kurds, and office-holders. From our special correspondent in Istanbul The Turkish (...)
Thousands of Judges under Arrest
After the failed "coup d’état", the purge continues in the army and in the justiciary. 9000 civil servants have been fired. A European commissioner expresses his belief that "we (...)

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