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Yellow Vests: The Rich are ever more Rich, and we are Abandoned
With "ends of the month" impossible, with the feeling of being despised, kept at a distance from political decisions, the yellow vests, which demonstrated on Saturday in (...)
Inequality = poverty
Get this: 1 % of the world’s wealthiest possess 99 % more than that of the world’s population. Wealth like poverty leaves, first and foremost, the appalling reflection of (...)
The richest 1% possess more than the remaining 99% of the world population.
The latest report by the NGO Oxfam warns of the growth in the concentration of wealth, hence inequality, at a world level. The organisation wants to challenge the principal (...)
OECD Pits Active Workers Against Retirees
Although it underlines the role of social policy in protecting households against the economic crisis, the OECD calls on France, in the name of austerity, to “arbitrate” (...)
"It Was Not Poverty We Met In Givors, But the People"
Far from providing a tearful picture of poverty, Se battre, Jean-Pierre Duret and Andrea Santana’s latest documentary, invites us on the ring of (...)

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