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Donald Trump

CPUSA response to the State of the Union
CPUSA response to the State of the Union Trump described his policies as a blue collar “boom”—it was instead a boom on the backs of the working class. CPUSA co-chairs Rossana (...)
Hope and Doubt
Hope and Doubt Patrick Apel-Muller’s editorial. The world is still hesitant to believe it. The Singapore meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un could put an end to a (...)
Trump likely to close Cuba doors that Obama opened
The New York Times, and other news outlets are echoing a May 29 report by the right-wing Daily Caller website stating that “President Donald Trump is set to announce a rollback (...)
Syria: "Trump feeds military escalation"...
Syria: "Trump feeds military escalation" North American bombing on Syria, last night [1], launched outside of the international legal framework, and as a result of a sharp (...)
According to Moscow, Damascus bombed a...
The Russian military said on Wednesday that the Syrian Air Force had bombed the day before a "warehouse" near Khan Cheikhoun where rebels stored "toxic substances" in the (...)

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