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French Communist Party (PCF)

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The Left will also be in the Street, on Saturday
At the call of the CGT, the new national secretary of the PCF, Fabien Roussel, like Ian Brossat, will be at the Paris demonstration on Saturday against unemployment and (...)
published in l’Humanité on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 After the vote that placed a text, alternative to the one proposed by the direction of the party, at the head of the (...)
André Chassaigne: "We must stop the Spiral of Effacement of the PCF
André Chassaigne: "We must stop the spiral of effacement of the PCF ". The text to which he is one of the main signatories, the "Manifesto", came out on top in the Communists’ (...)
The Communists Reshuffle Their Cards, One Month Before Their Congress
Activists preferred the "Manifesto for a 21st Century Communist Party" to the text presented by the national leadership. This is a new situation in the history of the party, (...)
For itsupcoming 38th convention, the PCF puts all options on the table
The Communist leadership adopted this weekend a policy text that leaves room for debate between contradictory positions. Its national secretary, Pierre Laurent, has expressed (...)

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