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European Constitution

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A Devastating Indictment of the European Union (EU)
The prominent Left-wing intellectual Perry Anderson has just published a comprehensive and crushing indictment of the EU from its beginnings to the present. Robert Tombs (...)
At Every Step, a Neo-Liberal Mortgage
The policies of liberalization and deregulation have been confirmed and deepened in each of the European treaties, leading up to the present (...)
Berlin Suspends its Ratification of the Lisbon Treaty
Germany. The Constitutional Court objects to failures of democracy in the European text, in particular, with respect to transport and national (...)
Cold Sweat in Dublin
Referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon The polls give a slight advantage to the partisans of the "Yes", but suspense is complete concerning the eventual outcome of the (...)
When the European Union Fears the European Peoples
by Francis Wurtz, member of the European Parliament and President of the United European Left-Nordic Green Left (GUE-NGL)

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