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The Violence is Elsewhere than in the Insane, Foreigners, and the Romany
Will French law confine more and more people? Analysing the present bill on the rights and protection of persons under mental treatment in the light of the 2007 law on the (...)
Capitalism Against the Planet
With the Cancun summit on climate change only a few weeks away, the planet’s ecological future was the subject of a debate at this year’s Fête de l’Humanité on Friday, September (...)
Fernand Braudel: An Historian’s Ambition and Anxiety
Frenand Braudel: Ambition et inquiétude d’un historien, by Yves Lemoine, Michel de Maule publisher, 2010. Fernand Braudel (1902-1985), a leading researcher of the school of (...)
The Right Use of Rosa Luxemburg
Rosa Luxemburg is one of modern history’s leading feminine figures. In Réconcilier marxisme et démocratie (Marxism and Democracy Reconciled) [6], sociologist David Mulhmann’s (...)
Help! Fidel Castro in Back!
The former Cuban president, still member of the national assembly, has returned to sit in parliament. Is that so astonishing? by Jean Ortiz, Cuban studies, maître de (...)

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