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What Good Is Communism?
Conceiving of a post-capitalist society is not only a goal, but also a means...
A « Simplification Shock » In Favour Of Foreigners is Neccessary
Inspired by President François Hollande’s recent proposal of a “simplification shock” - meaning a drastic slashing of administrative red tape and regulations - as a magic remedy (...)
90th Anniversary of Lenin’s Death. The Last Fights of the Father of the Russian Revolution
From Lenin to Stalin, there is not so much continuity as a break, as is attested to by the testament by the father of the revolution, who stated: “We aren’t civilized enough to (...)
1.1% Increase in Minimum Wage A Bitter Pill
Happy holidays, all the same…
Low Turn-Out In Mali’s First General Election Under President IBK
Voter turnout was low last Sunday in Mali’s first legislative election. There is a prevalent feeling in Bamako, the capital, – where the ambiguities of French policy are pointed (...)

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