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New Year Greetings
Dear readers Dear friends Dear translators Dear editors Dear webmaster The two paintings by Picasso ("Guernica" above and "La Colombe de la Paix" at the bottom of the (...)
The Le Pen Connection
While Le Pen shouts herself hoarse, denouncing “the nuisance power of globalised finance, which is going against national interest”, the accountants in her party are hiding (...)
Gene was the stalwart of stalwarts at L’Humanité in English
Gene Zbikowski, militant and faithful contributor to l’Humanité in English, always one of out most talented and careful translators, died from cardiac problems, while bicycling (...)
Rule of Surveillance vs. Rule of Law
These laws do not improve the domestic security in which France is lacking. Twenty five similar laws have been adopted in the past fifteen years. Many of these were written in (...)
Common Front against Brown Plague
“It’s high time for the duplicity and the schizophrenia of the National Front’s program, which changes according to its president’s demagogic whims, to be shown in broad (...)

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