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Ebola: Crime of Poverty and Under-Development
Patrick Le Hyaric Ebola: Crime of Poverty and Under-Development http://www.humanite.fr/ebola-le-crime-de-la-pauvrete-et-du-sous-developpement-556899 Humanité’s Sunday (...)
Enough is enough! A call for pressure on Israel
"Enough is enough!" shouted Madeleine Rebérioux, Pierre Vidal-Naquet, Stephan Hessel and others in December 2001, when Yasser Arafat and Palestinian authority in Ramallah were (...)
The Yellow Line
After Arnauld Montebourg, Minister for Industry, Benoît Hamon, Minister of Education, and Aurélie Philipetti, Minister of Culture, publicly expressed their opposition to (...)
Calais: The migrants’ life of indignity
"For these exiled people, who are fleeing misery and wars, the hope of crossing the sea will always be the strongest." On 2nd September, France’s Interior Minister Bernard (...)
A race for life
Every day, every night, a deluge of metal and fire pelts the over-populated buildings, decimating the civilian population. The children in Gaza are the targets of an occupying (...)

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