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Don’t Let Ukraine Die for the Oligarchs!
The dangerous machinations at work at the heart of Europe bring with them an embryonic risk of war. The intervention of Russian military forces in Crimea, which they are (...)
Inclusion vs. Exclusion
In the editorial of this Friday’s L’Humanité, Paule Masson asserts: “France, champion of the rights of men (and women, suggested Olympe de Gouge in 1791), must not slide back into (...)
“When’s the Revolution?”
“But at what stage can one speak of a revolution? In no way, if the result of such a struggle comes down to the replacement of Viktor Ianukovich, the vassal of Rinet Akhmetov, (...)
In Kiev, the Price of Blood
“White Russia” has been bloodied. Whereas a kind of détente appeared and a dialogue was beginning last week, now there has been an escalation of violence. The truce that the (...)
Editorial: Mr. Hollande’s American Clearance Sale
Throughout society, for example in the Senate or the European Parliament, the usefulness as well as the negative consequences of the creation of a transatlantic free market (...)

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