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Time To Put On a Spurt, Citizens!
Like Nature, politics abhors a vacuum. For too long the people of the Left, the social and labor movements have stood still in the face of a government and a President whose (...)
NO To Alcatel Lucent’s Latest Redundancy Plan!
Alcatel bosses are cynical enough to invoke strategic errors as if, having admitted as much, they could simply turn the page. As the French financial weekly les Échos remarked, (...)
Asylum in France for Snowden!
Published in l’Humanité on 3 July, 2013. Edward Snowden has requested asylum from a score of countries, but all the doors yesterday [2] seemed to shut and leave the former US (...)
The Fifth Republic Is Near To Breathing Its Last
Is tragedy repeating itself as farce? What has taken place in Edmond-Rostand square in Paris in April 2013 is definitely no replica of the historical events on place de la (...)
Algeria, Mali: Thunder of a Dying World
“The action of French troops and the African armies which are to join them will not have a meaning unless it is transcended by powerful investment in a new sharing of wealth (...)

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