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André Chassaigne: "We must stop the Spiral of Effacement of the PCF
André Chassaigne: "We must stop the spiral of effacement of the PCF ". The text to which he is one of the main signatories, the "Manifesto", came out on top in the Communists’ (...)
An editorial by Patrick Apel-Muller. Global warming is out of control. States, including France, have not kept their promises, violent weather phenomena is on the increase, (...)
Macron wrecks a Communist Party proposal on Europe
Macron ignores a Communist Party proposal on Europe "Jupiter" inaugurated last week (at Epinal in the Vosges) the famous "citizen consultations on Europe" that he planned to (...)
Hidden behind the “we are all entrepreneurs”
Editorial by Sébastien Crépel:“ Behind the illusion looms a future of extreme insecurity for each of us, a future which holds the destruction of collective rights in favour of (...)
New Year Greetings
Dear readers Dear friends Dear translators Dear editors Dear webmaster The two paintings by Picasso ("Guernica" above and "La Colombe de la Paix" at the bottom of the (...)

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