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Science & Technology

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A Cerebral Biology of Consciousness of the Self
Neurosciences Antonio Damasio figures out the evolutive process that fashions the architecture and the functioning of the human brain, even up to its most complex (...)
The DNA Business: "Bio-banks Stock Human Cells and Tissues"
In recent years the development of genetics has given rise to the creation of bio-banks. These structures amass large quantities of genetic information. The legal framework (...)
Races Are Primarily a Social Construct
For some years, we have known that the analysis of human DNA makes it possible to define a person’s genetic ancestry, to know whether most of one’s ancestors are African, Asian (...)
Stem Cells for Regenerating the Heart
Biology: French researchers have succeeded in correcting an anomaly in the heart muscle of rats, using stem cells obtained from human embryos.
Local Collectivities have a Role to Play in the Distribution of Open Source Computer Programs
The adoption of open source computer programs is an ideological choice! Huma Dimanche, no 25, August 31, p.67

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