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Science & Technology

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Health. The quest to control mercury becomes more concrete
The international convention on reducing exposure to this highly toxic product officially goes into force today.
Agribusiness. Intensive farming: Chicken Little was right
Standardized and concentrated, industrial farms have become more vulnerable to diseases, and thus more dependent on pharmaceuticals, or "pharming". But when does the price (...)
Science: What Was Grothendieck Thinking About?
The University of Montpellier has placed on line 18,000 pages of unedited notes made by the mathematical genius with his singular trajectory. The objective: to encourage new (...)
Agriculture. Reducing pesticides does not reduce profits
Thumbing its nose at the agricultural pesticides lobby, a study conducted by INRA has shown that a decline in the use of chemical pesticides does not diminish farm (...)
Air pollution still kills too many
Fine particles, nitrogen and nitrogen dioxide emissions continue to affect the general health of Europeans, reducing both their quality of life and life expectancy, according (...)

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