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Coming Elections. France on Focus. How...
Coming Elections. France on Focus. How modern methods of forecasting let us understand what will be the destiny of the fifth Republic? Nowadays European experts analyze (...)
Imperialism to blame for Haiti’s inadequate...
An excellent article from the People’s World, the Daily of the CPUSA. 100 years after the publication of Lenin’s "Imperialism, the Highest stage of Capitalism". Imperialism to (...)
FRA//BRICS is my slogan!
( in English and in French) The FRA//BRICS solution A few hours after the BREXIT victory, my reaction for France is :"Let’s get out of UE, that imperialist jail for the (...)
Andre Vltchek reflecting on the Cuban Revolution: “Why I Am...
I just wanted to share with you some of Andre Vltchek refreshing and stimulating thoughts!
The primaries are over, time to debate !...
I fully support the following collective text! Cynthia

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